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    1. Pretty sure there has to be a "law" named after someone, for when you need to open a whole new box of materials just for 1/1000th of it. I bought an extra box of flooring just in case, and that red mark is the amount of material I need out of it 🤬😅😭
      oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
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    Happy I bought the extra box but come. On. Can't I manifest one of these planks to grow 3 inches? Side note, that blue mark is a messed up cut (I removed the wrong corner). If you're wondering, if I hadn't messed up that cut I still would've been short by about half an inch.
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      Next question, do I just leave the gap and move something over it permanently so no one ever knows? 🤔🤔🤔 This is an enclosed but unheated porch, a wood burning stove would look real nice in that corner.